About Us

Who we are

Centre for women and Youth empowerment (CEWAYE) is a local nongovernment organization which is led and focused to young women and youth in marginalized communities. The organization is legally registered under number MC/CBS/10410 and has good standing records with the local government and community.

Kabiite Lamulatu

Message from the Executive Director

CENTRE FOR WOMEN AND YOUTH EMPOWERMENT is entering its 5th year of service. Our organization is dedicated to leading and supporting the efforts of women and Youth with the major aim of empowering them to be agents of health promotion and development among communities. CEWAYE continues to promote sensitizing and advance the highest ethical and professional standards in health and development.

All of us affiliated with CEWAYE should take pride in what our organization has achieved and the reputation that we have earned within Mbarara district and around the country.

But taking pride in whom we are and what we do does not mean that we can sit back and rest on our laurels. As an organization we are continually evaluating and revaluating what we do and how we do those things and why we do them. We are also continually scanning the environment within which our members work to ensure that we are responsive to their needs and expectations.

In this regards we need your help . It is important that we hear from our members with their impressions about the organization programs. We are interested in your views, ideas and thoughts about the betterment of the organization, feel free to always call, write, email, or stop by and give us your thoughts. This is your organization; help us make it work better for you.

We hope you will take a few minutes to explore our home page and website to get to know our organization better.

Kabiite Lamulatu

Executive Director

meet her on – kabiite@cewaye.org

Our mission

To work with, support and empower women and youth in championing sustainable health and developmental initiatives among communities.

Our vision

A generation with confident and empowered women and Youth for sustainable communities.

Our goals

To end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that all people enjoy better health, peace and prosperity.

Message from the Founder and Programs Director

Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you to a home away from home; I have been privileged to see CEWAYE grow from just an idea to a home.It all started when three young people with similar life experiences that included loss of loved ones at an early age, missing education, missing the basic needs and inability to afford food, health care, and shelter.

This did not stop us from hoping for the best. Our dream was to have a home where every vulnerable women, youth and children can access basic skill to navigate through and overcome most pressing challenges.

It began as a mere evening meeting, donation drive benefiting five (5) vulnerable women and their children. It’s unbelievable that the then idea is a home to over 25000 women, youth and children from marginalized communities. LONGLIVE CEWAYE.

I like to thank both local and international partners that have believed in our vision and combined their moneys, resources, and time to ensure CEWAYE’S mission and Vision is achieved. We hope to keep exploring heights until every woman and Youth is confident and empowered to support their families and overcome the daily pressing challenges.

Dr Turyamusiima Rodgers

Founder/Programme Director

meet him on rodgers@cewaye.org

Dr Joyce Namwase- She is a Cofounder for CEWAYE. ,

She is a medical doctor by profession, and  a postgraduate resident at Mbarara University of science and technology pursuing Masters of Medicine in psychiatry. Dr Joyce is passionate about Mental Health of women and Young people. One of the key interests is dementia.

Connect with her on      dr.joyce@cewaye.org


Organization objectives at CEWAYE
  • To empower women and youth in addressing community health challenges through sustainable community led initiatives
  • To promote and advocate for sustainable social-economic development among vulnerable women and youth.
  • To build a generation of environment activists led by women and youth for environmental protection.
  • To expand access to educational services for youth and women in vulnerable communities.
  • To promote gender equity and address gender based violence in communities.